The items in the DCA Library of books / DVD’s are available for loan by any DCA Member free of charge. To borrow one email your requirements to the secretary via and we will attempt to bring it along to the next practice / event. Also below are a few online guides written by the DCA.

CCBR Guides

Two new video from the CCBR offering an introduction to ringing



  • Bell Handling DVD (Learning The Ropes)
  • Learning Methods by Michael J de C Henshaw (Central Council)
    The Blue Line, place bells, method structure and tricks of the trade.
  • The Learning Curve Volume 1 1999-2001 by John Harrison
    Based on a series of Ringing World Features on a wide range of topics from Raising and Lowering to Double Handed ringing!
  • The Learning Curve Volume 2 2002-2003 by John Harrison
    Based on a series of Ringing World Features on a wide range of topics from chiming, coils, leading and speed!
  • The Learning Curve Volume 3 2004-2005 by John Harrison
    Based on a series of Ringing World Features on a wide range of topics from placing your bell accurately, learning rhythm and good rope technique!
  • The Ringers Handbook by ES & M Powell (1995 Edition)
    Instruction in Grandshire, Stedman, Plain Bob & Kent Treble Bob
  • Triples and Major for Beginners by William Butler
    From Plain Bob through to Erin Triples.
  • Doubles and Minor for Beginners by William Butler (Central Council)
    From Plain Bob through to Oxford Treble Bob.
  • From Rounds to Ropesight by Stuart I Bamforth
    Book and DVD
  • Discover Bell Ringing by ART
    Information for New Ringers
  • Kaledoscope Ringing by Gordon I Lucus
    Alternatives to call changes
  • Ringing Circles: A guide to learning methods by Chris Adams
    Methods and variations doubles, triples  and minor


  • Criblines 1 by DJ Marshall & AM Popplewell
    41 regular surprise minor methods
  • Criblines 2 by DJ Marshall & AM Popplewell
    60 popular surprise major methods
  • Easily Remembered Service Touches
    Selection of touches a conductor could use for service ringing. Plain Bob – Stedman, Doubles – Maximus.
  • Method 300 by John Longridge and Ian Campbell
    A conveniently tabulated reference book in the main covering Surprise or Spliced methods
  • Quarter 500 compiled by John Longridge
    A compilation of compositions for conducting from Doubles to Maximus, Spliced doubles and major.
  • Standard 70 compiled by John Longridge
    Conducting for practices, quarter peals and peals from Doubles to Maximus.


  • Teacher’s Guide to Learning The Ropes by Pip Penney
    ART guide to the Learning the Ropes programme.
  • Teaching Tips by Pip Penney
    Teaching skills from bell handling to basic touches.


  • A Schedule of Regular Maintenance by Bernard J Stone
    Guide to maintaining the bells
  • Getting it Right: Guidance for Officers of Ringing Societies by Heather Peachey
    From jobs that need doing to business meetings, risk assessment and insurance re 2005.
  • Splicing Bell Ropes Illustrated by Frank Beech
    As the title says! Very clear illustrations for those wanting to learn.
  • The Tower Handbook by John Harrison
    Useful reference from tower organisation to teaching and running a tower ideas.
  • Tower Captain’s Handbook by David E. Parsons
    From the size of the band, to recruiting, running a practice and public relations.