Bell Restoration Fund

The object of the Fund shall be to advance the Christian religion by providing financial assistance to churches in the county of Dorset (as defined by central government in 1983 or any future dates) for the purpose of maintaining or improving their bell installations by making grants to them. Maintenance and improvement of a bell installation shall be deemed to include the following:
(a)          Taking out an existing ring of bells, supplying and installing a new frame and fittings, recasting the bells and erecting the same.
(b)          Taking out, overhauling and re-clappering existing bells, supplying and installing a new frame and fittings, and re-erecting the bells.
(c)           Taking out existing bells, overhauling existing frame and fittings and recasting or overhauling and re-clappering said bells and re-erecting.
(d)          Augmentation and bringing existing bells, frame and fittings into an adequate state of repair.
(e)          Other major repairs to bell, frame, fittings and tower.
(f)           The provision of bells, frames and fittings and erection of same in churches which previously had none.
(g)          The acquisition of bells from churches within the County of Dorset declared redundant, for subsequent re-deployment and/or casting.

Donations can be made at

Applications are welcome from any Tower in Dorset. Please contact the Secretary via with details of your project and a copy of the quotations from your selected Bell Hangers. Examples of recent works which we have helped to fund are listed below:

2020 Puddletown
Work was to install new Headstocks with new ball bearings fitted to Bells 5 & 6 (This did
not involve the bells being removed from the tower). All 6 clappers were also removed and restored to
improve their ringing characteristics. Attached are 2 photos of the old and new headstocks.

2019 Lychett Matravers
Refurbishment of the bells by John Taylor & Son

2018 Child Okeford
Remodelling of four bells to make a new lighter ring of six by Matthew Higby & Co